Diet Mentality Changes That Might Need to Happen!

Diet Mentality Changes, are needed for many of you, whose entire life revolves around dieting and food. This has been going on for years, and feels normal. If you want to begin to drop this diet mentality, and incorporate healthy diet habits into your life, you might need to change these things:

  • Your entire way of life. Eating is what you do when you are happy, comfortable, and when you feel good. Your whole social life might revolve around food, and it is a way of life to you.

  • Your best distraction tool. It is easier to plan your next food meal, than deal with tension at work, or life’s problems, or your kids, or …………………………!

  • The way that you show your love to your family and friends. Think of the amazing cookie platters that you gave, and received last Christmas. You show love by giving treats.

  • The way that you satisfy your needs might need to change. You know that food does not really satisfy your needs, but you eat as if food satisfies all of life’s needs.

  • The fact that sometimes you use weight as protection from being hurt by others. This is especially true for people that have been abused. Losing weight can cause many people to feel more vulnerable.

  • The way that you cover up your fears and failures. Your weight is a great excuse, and the reason you might not be married, or do not have a lot of friends, or did not get the job you wanted.

  • You might need to control your life with a different structure, rather than eating.

  • You might need to develop a new coping mechanism for stress, rather than food.

  • You might need to develop some new hobbies to avoid boredom, rather than eating.

  • You might need to find a new best friend, besides food. Friends can fail you, but food is always dependable.

  • You might need to find a new way to experience pleasure, besides food that tastes great.

  • You might need to find another way to handle emotional pain, and anger, and your feelings besides eating. This can often be painful.

  • You might need to live in the real world, and face reality, rather than holding the beliefs that if you were thinner, life would be problem free, better,………………………………!

  • You might need to stop using food, when people hurt your feelings. You might need to vocalize, when someone hurts your feelings.


These are just a few of the diet mentality changes that you might need to make, as you learn some lifestyle solutions, to deal with your weight. There are healthy diet habits that you can learn that help you to develop a right relationship with food.

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