Emotional Eating Tips & Strategies

There are many emotional eating tips & strategies that you can try, to end emotional eating. Distraction is an excellent place to start, and a great lifestyle solution. 

These are a few ideas you can use to develop a plan that is tailored to your needs and enjoyable. Try to choose 3 choices from each category, to add variety to your life!


Emotional Eating Tips & Strategies - Relaxation

To deal with emotional eating, I can relax by:

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

Deep breathing exercises, Prayer, Meditation, Taking a hot bath, A massage, Relax in a hot tub or sauna, Listen to gentle music, spend time in nature, spend time with my pets, go for a walk, take a nap, read, hang out and do nothing, watch television, watch a movie, spend time on a hobby.

Have More Fun

Emotional Eating Tips & Strategies - Have More Fun!

To deal with emotional eating, I can have more fun by:

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

Go to a museum, Go to an art gallery, Browse in your favorite bookstore or library, Listen to music, Go to a concert, Go to a Play, Go to the symphony, Go to the movies, Do a puzzle, Go to church, Call a good friend, Go for a walk, Go to your favorite sporting event, Play a board game or cards, Go shopping, Go to a Seminar and learn something new that you would enjoy, Plan a great vacation, take a class on a hobby you want to learn, go for a picnic to the beach.

Be More Active

Emotional Eating Tips & Strategies - Be More Active!

To deal with emotional eating, I can be more active by:

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

Go to the gym, Work in your garden, lift weights, Go for a walk. Play tennis, Play basketball, Go hiking or camping, Go hunting or fishing, Walk around Pike Place Market, Walk around local festivals, Walk the mall, Clean your house, Participate in any sport, Go swimming, Go for a beach walk or jog.

Find New Ways to Have a Great Attitude

Emotional Eating Tips & Strategies - Find New Ways to have a Great Attitude!

To deal with emotional eating, I can have a great attitude by:

1. _______________

2. _______________

3. _______________

Make a thankfulness journal, Make some plans in areas that you feel are out of control, Think of all of the people that you love and care about and call one of them, Add meaning to your life by volunteering, Help someone that is less fortunate than you are, Let go of your fears, Look at your photos of all of the fun life adventures you have done, Make a coffee date to chat with a friend about my struggles.


Choose some of these emotional eating tips & strategies to deal with emotional eating. Put them on a list, and post them on your refrigerator, as a reminder of ways to deal with your feelings, that do not involve eating.

There are many things you can do to make yourself feel better from this strategy list. When you choose non-food strategies repeatedly, you will gain confidence in yourself, and will not automatically go to food to deal with life! Your new healthy diet habits will be your go to habits!

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