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Help! I need Diet Makeover Tips! The weekend was an eating disaster and I am definitely suffering from the Monday Blues! I need a new diet, because my wicked bathroom scale is acting up again too! Is this an eating pattern that ever ends, or will I be doomed to a new diet every Monday, followed by weekend splurging, and the weight gain that follows? Is there hope to get this under control?

Some Makeover Tips and Helps are:
  • Diets Don't Work, so End the Dieting Mentality: As the dieting craze continues so does the American Obesity Epidemic. Life is not about this viscous weight cycle. Get off of it now, and end the Monday Diet Craze. Mondays do not need to be such difficult days!

  • Learn Tips to Undiet: These will be related to food, your habits and your coping ability! It's not all about what you eat but how you eat too!

  • Learn Simple Healthy Eating Tips: There will be foods that you need to Reduce, Increase, Substitute or Eliminate! It is a process to lead a healthy lifestyle!

  • Familiarize Yourself with Healthy Eating Guidelines: The new plate guidelines are much easier to follow and do not involve all of the calculations! Simply fill your plate half full of produce, one quarter full of a healthy grain, and one quarter full of a protein source.

  • Learn Healthy Diet Habits and Unhealthy Diet Habits: There are many healthy diet habits that you can adopt that will help you navigate the world of food. As you learn your unhealthy diet habits, you can methodically work on the biggest offenders and clean up your diet little by little. Make three changes a month would change 36 habits in a year! That's huge.

  • Understand the Difference between the Lifestyle Solutions Process and Dieting. It is not a complete makeover! Follow the process and make changes in your problem areas. Are you an emotional eater, mindless eater, grazer, produce challenged, or a Carbohydrate feaster? Knowing yourself can help you get your eating life under control! This is a lifetime process. The weight went on slow and it will come off slowly too.

  • Find Great Substitutions or Food Swaps: There is a healthier choice for almost every food that you love, rather than a complete makeover. From sweets, meals, cooking, fast food, restaurant choices, and shopping, there are tasty foods that you can substitute for your favorite foods. Doing a little upfront work will allow you to keep your very favorites, without denying yourself always!

There is great hope for those of you that are discouraged on Mondays by your weight and weekend overeating! A new complete makeover is not needed! Life is about eating healthy most of the time and eating sane the rest of the time. By making some simple lifestyle solutions with your unhealthy diet habits, you can develop many healthy diet habits that will allow you to relax and enjoy eating again!

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